Band or DJ? – Which Will be Best to Hire for Weddings?


For your wedding ceremony or any other event, you need to tick off countless things and hiring a DJ is one of them. Now, when it is about quality music, you might be in a dilemma whether it will be better to hire a DJ or a live band. Well, if you want your guests to enjoy the party to the fullest, hiring an experienced DJ such as DJ MV for Hochzeit over a live band will be a smarter decision. This article can help you dig deeper into this matter.

Break-free party  

Performing music can be a tough job, and your musicians will require breaks between performances. Also, when they will have their meal, the music will be in pause or they will play a music record. However, if you don’t want to stop the party, it will be better to hire a DJ instead. They will play nonstop music so the party goes on and on.  

Variety of music

While bands have their own specialisations and their own limitations, whether it is jazz, country music, rock, the DJs have no limitations. That means if you hire a DJ such as DJ MV, you won’t have to narrow down your must-play list of songs.

The bands usually specialise in popular songs. However, if you have own distinctive preferences, they might not grab your request. However, once your DJ knows your preferences, they will play songs as per your wish list.       

Play music as per the mood of the crowd

The bands will ask for your wish list, and they will take their time for rehearsing and preparing themselves. Well, while your band will pay attention to their composition, they might not be attentive to the audience to learn what they want or what their mood is.      

However, DJs won’t have to bother about hitting the right notes and that is why they can fully concentrate on the mode of the audience and can play the music accordingly. They can regulate the tempo or smoothly switch to another suitable song so the mood of the crowd doesn’t break.

One DJ, multiple solutions

Hiring a DJ assures not only quality music in your event but also manages many other aspects of your party. Several DJs play the role of an emcee too. They take charge of an emcee and keep everything organised. This is a facility you might not get from the band since most of the time, they only offer songs. A DJ will announce when the special guests arrive. They will also coordinate with the other events, such as the cocktail hour, food service, first dance, and cake cutting. They will also announce all these things.

Contact this professional DJ

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