Service of Process: What to Check Before Hiring A Process Server for Divorce


‘Service of Process’ is a very important part of a divorce. It involves serving the petition written by one spouse on the other spouse. It needs to be done correctly. Now, the best thing you can do for this is to hire a divorce process server. Professional process servers know how to deal with different types of people. They also know the way to locate people who try to avoid service. Also, they are completely familiar with the rules and court laws of the state. So, giving the responsibility to process servers will give you peace of mind.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss some important things you should check before hiring process servers in Sacramento. It will help you find reliable process servers for divorce with ease. Thus, consider reading the full post to know more in this regard.

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Things to check before hiring a Process Server

Here are some important things you must check before giving the responsibility to a process server:

1. Experience

Before you decide to hire a process server, you must check how long he has been in this domain. The experience of a professional can say a lot about his capabilities. It’s always wise to choose an experienced process server. They are more reliable than those who have little or no experience in this field.

2. Rates

It’s a good idea to compare the rates of two or three process servers before choosing one. It will help you find the process server offering the service at the most affordable price. However, you should not choose an amateur solely because he offers the service at the lowest price. Before you make your final decision, you must check to see if he has a good reputation in the market. Later in this article, we will discuss how you can check the reputation.

3. Detailed Information about the Service

Before you give the responsibility of delivering the legal documents to a process server, you must check to see what’s included in the price. In most cases, you will find detailed information about it on the website of the process server.

4. Customer Service

You should check how the process server responds to your queries. It’s advised that you choose among process servers that behave in a friendly manner. It will help you communicate with the process server with ease.

5. Testimonials

Client testimonials are a must-check. You should go through the opinions of the past clients properly before choosing a process server. It will help you know whether the guy is worth hiring.

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Get in Touch with Reliable Process Servers

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