Best Pest Control Strategies That Will Give You A Pest-Free Home

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Do you want a pest-free home? Are you looking for the best pest prevention tips for this purpose? Then you have come to the right place.

In the last few years, pest infestations have become a serious issue for home and business owners in Surrey. Pests are a nuisance. But this is not the only problem with these uninvited guests. Pests like rodents, carpenter ants, etc can cause severe damage to your possessions such as furniture, clothing, doors, etc. Rats can also affect the health of you and your family members by spreading diseases.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss the strategies that will help you control the common pests found in Surrey. Later in this post, we will also talk about a reliable company offering pest control in Surrey. Thus, continue reading to know more.

Pest Control Strategy 1 – Rodent Control

This section covers the strategies you can implement to prevent and control rodents effectively. Look through the following points to learn them.

  • Food is one of the main reasons why rodents such as Norway rats, mice, etc enter our houses. So, one way to prevent rodent infestation in your home is by keeping the food sources in sealed containers. Also, avoid leaving fruit, vegetables, and uneaten foods outside the refrigerator overnight.
  • Another reason, why rodents take entry in residential apartments, is shelter. They always look for hiding places in a house. The more the hiding places, the more they will love to dwell in your home. They usually hide behind furniture, inside garbage bags, and other similar places. So, consider cleaning the areas around your furniture, refrigerator, etc frequently. Also, don’t keep unsealed garbage bags inside your home.
  • You should also seal the access points to stop rodents from entering your home. The common access points of rodents include holes around doors & windows, cracks on walls, etc.

Pest Control Strategy 2 – Wasp Control

Here’s how you can prevent wasps from building nests in your property:

  • You can use fake nests. It can be an effective strategy because wasps don’t nest in the area where there’s already a nest.
  • You should check the trees and areas around your swimming pool regularly. It will give you the opportunity to prevent wasps from nesting in your property in the earlier phase.
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Pest Control Strategy 3 – Carpenter Ant Control

Here are the ways to prevent carpenter ants infestation in the home:

  • Repair the cracks on walls, doors, etc.
  • Avoid storing firewood inside your home.
  • Keep an eye on the signs of infestation.

Pest Control Strategy 4 – Bed Bug Control

Here are the bed bug prevention tips:

  • Wash your luggage bags, clothing, etc in hot water after every trip.
  • Vacuum your bed sheets, areas around your furniture, mattresses, etc to remove bed bugs from those places.
  • Don’t bring used furniture, clothing, etc inside your home without cleaning them thoroughly.

A Reputed Pest Control Company in Surrey

If you are in search of a reliable company offering pest control in Surrey, then you can contact ‘Vancouver Pest Control Ltd’. They have been in this business for a long time. They use less-toxic methods for removing pests. To find detailed information about their services, visit their website – now.

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