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The marionette puppets are very popular in the puppet show industry since people, including both kids and adults, are fond of it. These are way more pleasing to see on a stage show. Unlike the other puppets, these puppets have strings attached to their limbs. And that is why, when these are on action, it looks way more realistic and entertaining. Therefore, if you are considering hiring a professional puppet show organizer for organizing a marionette puppet show, it will be great.

Well, you can be sure that the professionals will put their best step forward. But you also need to be cooperative on your part too. To confirm that the kids and adults make most of the show, here are some points you need to consider when organizing the puppet show at the party.

Get a proper schedule

Make sure that the show starts at least 30 minutes or later after the party begins. If there are late arrivals of the guests, or there are more children, this time will allow you to settle down everything. However, in case you have the show set almost near the start of the party, make sure other parents know about it. Thus, they might make an extra effort to be on time.

Choosing the best spot for the show is important

Ask the performer beforehand if he or she has any specific requirement for space for the show. It will help you pick the best spot for the show. Knowing their needs before might need you to move around any furniture. Also, you might think about decorating the backdrop a little. Learning their prerequisites will help you prepare yourself in advance.

Marionette Puppet

Think about maximizing the space to minimize distractions

According to the experts, it is always great to let the children have enough space while they are sitting together for the show. You know that kids’ attention drifts soon. Yes, the marionette puppet show organizers have all the skills and creative power to captivate kids’ attention. But, you also need to put your best step forward.  

To make this happen – you need to maximize the seating area for each child to minimize distractions. Chairs and couches are good too. But if there is not enough space for everyone, the mood tends to drop even before the show starts. So, keep that in mind.

Talk to the puppeteers in advance

Remember, that each show organizers is different. They have different skills and different comfort levels. So you can learn the prerequisites of the entertainers and arrange everything accordingly, talk to them earlier. Ask while booking the act if they have any restrictions. Feel free to consult with the reputable puppeteers. Any experienced puppet show organizer will know what kinds of tips to give you so that both of you end up with the best possible output.

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