Why Sugar Melt Is So Popular in Pacific Beach?


Waxing has become one of the most popular hair removal treatments around the world. But apart from that, other methods have also gained popularity in today’s beauty industry. Among the wide variety of alternatives, sugaring is one technique that most people in Pacific Beach prefer going for this technique.

Although technological treatments like a laser or electrolysis have emerged in the current market, the ancient method of sugar melt in Pacific Beach is still an effective and well-liked option. In fact, a large percentage of spa centres prefer to use sugaring paste on their clients because of all the benefits this product has on the skin. Learn more on this topic in the following passage.

Know about sugar melt

Sugaring is a hair removal method. It has existed for more than two thousand years, ever since women in ancient Egypt used sugar to remove all of their body hair. So what is interesting in sugaring recipe?

It is a paste of sugar, lemon, and water. The final result works like waxing but without the chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is important to highlight that, although the recipe might look easy to make, not every sugar paste made at home will work efficiently and that is why this procedure will always leave better results when performed by experts at professional spa centre.

sugaring melt

Benefits of using sugar melt

Here are some advantages that you get by using sugar melt. As follows-

Ø   Natural ingredients- The sugar paste contains all-natural ingredients containing sugar, water, and citric acid as a preservative. It is all edible and natural. There are no petrochemicals or polymers present in this technique.

Ø   No risk of burning- Many times wax can burn your skin. Resulting in painful welts and sometimes can be scarring. The sugar paste is warmed to about body temperature, which results in no risk of burning and helps in less swelling.

Ø   Easy to clean- Since sugar paste only contains sugar, water, and citric acid, it is soluble. While waxing we may probably notice that sticky feeling. This is because of the leftover wax residue on your skin. Whereas sugar paste dissolves immediately when water is applied.

Ø  Don’t stick to the skin- As said above, sugar paste is soluble. For this, it won’t stick to the cells. Sugar melt is used to remove dead skin cells only, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Ø   Never dries on the skin- The sugar melt never dries on your skin. You can apply it, take phone calls and come back and remove it without any problem. This means that the hair removal process is also quick.

Ø   Helps in removing short hair- Sugaring has the ability to remove hairs much shorter than that–about one-sixteenth of an inch. That is about 7 days of growth. This can help you remove all short hair, leaving a smooth and soft skin than waxing.

Which spa centre to choose?

Natura Sugaring Melt & Wax Spa’ is one of the trusted spa centres who provide sugar melt in Pacific Beach. Their main approach is to provide the best natural beauty services. They are licensed and have highly qualified estheticians. Click on the link- naturawaxspa.com to know more.

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